MVP (Most Valuable Player)

Big Brother announced two twists tonight on the premiere of the first episode of season 15 (Wednesday 26th June). America was previously informed about a MVP twist (Most Valuable Player). This twist consisted of America voting for the MVP each week and this MVP nominated a third houseguest to sit on the block beside the two already nominated by the HOH (Head of Household).

However Julie Chen had us all shocked when she released two elements of the twists that we were not already aware of.

  1. The MVP is completley anonymous, in two ways. One way is that the MVP receives their privilages in private (diary room) and also makes the nomination anonymously. This is a huge game changer because if the MVP uses their power strageticaly he or she could nominate a player to cause suspicion, create drama or throw the other player of the scent of their true intentions.
  2. It is at the MVP's desecration wheather he or she wants to disclose any of this information or not. They could confide in other houseguest to help with the decision making or they could go ahead and make a decision alone.
  3. The MVP can be ANYONE, meaning he/she could be the HOH, on the block, or even just a bystander. 

This really throws a curve ball into the mix and will keep the players on their toes. This is an excellent way for America to get involved and vote for the MVP to make the right decision. "Floaters grab a life vest" 


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